Delory Ennis

Interim Head Women's Basketball Coach at City College of New York

Since day one, working with Michael and WAA has been excellent. Michael gives continuous support, encouragement, and guidance. He has helped me reach so many professional goals and milestones. Michael was a critical factor in obtaining the Interim Head Women's Basketball Coach position at City College of New York.

Michael is a mentor that every star-eyed coach and new hire needs. I have a lot of admiration and respect for Michael and the Williams Advancement Agency. I'm thankful for Michael making my work life easier.

Ashley Yu

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Dominican University

"I genuinely believe that this entire process working with WAA has been phenomenal.  Michael prepared me so well for both interviews to successfully receive and accepted the offer from Dominican University.  I am incredibly excited to continue my partnership with the Williams Advancement Agency."

Dennis Orellana

Head Men's Basketball Coach at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

"I wouldn't be in the position to accomplish my dream of being a college head coach without the help and guidance of Michael Williams. He helped me with reviewing my resume, doing mock interviews to help me prep. He gave me quality and important insight on what I would be expecting down the road.

"I truly knew Michael was invested because, in my first year, he came by and helped out in a practice and came to a game, which with both he gave me high-quality observation and feedback that helped me become a better coach and create a stronger program. Htruly guided me and turned me into a better professional."

Kendal Jordan

Assistant Men's Basketbal Coach/ Head J.V. Coach at ASA Miami

" Michael has helped me a great amount in the short period I've been with his agency. He has taken my resume to another level, along with showing me how to market myself better off the throughout different avenues.

He has been working diligently to make I keep moving forward in my career. I have learned what to look for as a young coach in the business."

Ashley Yu

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at City College of New York

" Michael helped me break down my resume and showed me the important things that I can put on it, as well as any additional information I will eventually be able to add to my resume. On top of my resume, he has helped me develop a great cover letter and coaching packet that will not only do the job but will help me stand out among other possible applicants who are also applying to the same positions.

He showed me numerous ways to build relationships with the members on the team, athletic department, and campus community."

Clifton Webster Jr.

Head Men's Basketball Coach at

Champions College SW- Campus

" Working with Michael and WAA has been tremendous. I have been satisfied with the availability and support I have received through the entire job search process. Michael is very knowledgeable and helpful no matter the position or the level you wish to apply for. His interest is for you to gain as much experience as possible and help you along the way. 


The core values, openness, and transparency have helped me move forward with my career as a Collegiate Head Coach. I am encouraged to continue to have support, mentorship, and guidance as I begin my journey at Champions College  -SW Campus. "