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WAA Services 

  Career Counseling 

Our goal is to assist you in reaching your dreams and landing your next coaching position. Our team will devise a plan from our initial assessment and counsel you to achieve each of your goals. At WAA, our team is respected within our industries. We use an honest and upfront approach with our clients.

We will spend a significant amount of time defining our client's short and long-term goals and successfully leading them through the different transitions within their careers. 

Professional Development 

We work closely and consistently with you to expand your network, broaden your knowledge. Our team will develop a strong resume and cover letter that highlights your skills. We also intend to put our clients in positions where they can grow and become better as professionals. With employers spending less than a minute reviewing applicant resumes and cover letters, yours must stand out. 

Marketing | Networking 

How we market, you is critical to us. We want employers to know who you are long before the interview process begins. Our goal is to grow your brand and your influence. We will work together to strategically advance your reputation within the coaching world while building a strong network.

Job Search | Placement

We promise to work diligently with each client to place you in the best position to obtain their desired job. By anticipating openings, communicating with athletic administrators, gathering information, and strategizing in all areas of the job pursuit process, we lay the foundation for your success. 


We are committed to guiding you to the best suitable position available. It's important to us that the client accepts a job that is a proper culture and career fit. 

Interview Preparation

Receiving a phone or campus interview is a tremendous opportunity, and we will be there for this significant moment. With our extensive interview prep, we will walk you through each step, and you will feel confident during the interview process. The agency will provide you with intimate time with your agent to review potential interview questions and craft effective responses that will separate you from the competition.

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