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The Williams Advancement Agency is a full-service Coaching agency, to ensure each client are successful in their current position and make sure when they are ready to advance their career, they have those options to do that successfully and with ease.


 This industry can be challenging, whether it is to be a Head Coach at the collegiate level, obtain an assistant coaching position at a higher level or become a first-time assistant coach. 


 At the Williams Advancement Agency, we focus on advising, marketing, and strongly supporting our clients to land them a desirable job and maximize all aspects of their careers.

Michael Williams 
President | Agent | Speaker

Michael Williams has spent over a decade as a Collegiate Coach and an Athletic Administrator at various institutes. His professional experience includes three Head Coaching opportunities and multiple athletic administrator positions. He recently worked at St. Peter's University as a Coaches Consultant/ Director of Player Development and currently serves as an Athletic Director.

Michael was inspired to start WAA to help coaches fulfill their dreams of securing a coaching position, but his mission is to lead these coaches to a successful career. He's committed to providing the appropriate resources for his clients before their interview and once they are in their desired position. Michael is excited to begin leading clients to success with Williams Advancement Agency.

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Yisha Su
Executive Assistant| Marketing Coordinator
Yisha Su is an energetic individual and passionate about UX, UI, and Graphic design. Before joining the Williams Advancement Agency, she worked as a UX designer at LavaMap and UX Consultant at the Pratt Center for Digital Experience. She graduated from Pratt with M.S. in City and Regional Planning and an Advanced Certificate in User Experience Design.

Yisha is also a freelance artist. She enjoys creating fine art at home and drawing sketches as she travels- another one of her passion.
Dr. Monique Carroll 
Principal Consultant
Dr. Monique Carroll has spent over a decade as an intercollegiate athletic administrator on the NCAA Division I and NAIA levels. She has a stint that includes the Southwestern Athletic Conference Office, Prairie View A&M University, and South Carolina State University and currently serves as the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Hutson-Tillotson University.

Dr. Carroll joined WAA to provide coaches professional development and coaching them to achieve their desired position. She is passionate about mentorship and helping the next generation of leaders to succeed in the industry.
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